by Acid Pauli http://ift.tt/1X6HeXy Three nights, two gems and a bolt (part three)

Ladies and gentlemen,
due to police intervention and the early shut down of last night’s event at Mirage, I was not able to finish my set. 🙁 poor Bedouins weren’t able to play at all )-;

Luckily I have an excerpt of my last New York set at hand, so you can continue your acid experience with this one. It was the third day of a little tour in March that brought me to the #akumandra party at #HouseOfYes. (Thanks to everybody for having made this a very special night)
The set was actually supposed to be released as third part of my trilogy, but, hey, I am happy to trade conceptional purity for spontaneity 😉

Nothing more to say, but thanks to everybody who came out last night and had to leave earlier than expected and of course thanks a lot to #Cityfox for making it all happen.
…one more thank: to Andy and his Granny for sharing this…

Acid Pauli